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When I am retained as a “Conflict Management Advocate,” I am engaged in managing conflict and resolving a dispute. In that capacity, my task is to assist clients in meeting their goals and interests, resolving disputes ethically, with civility and professionalism, as quickly, peacefully and economically as possible through the Collaborative Law Process.

Through the Collaborative Law Process, which can be tailored to the needs of the parties in the context of the unique characteristics of their dispute, the parties benefit by the voluntary, early and peaceable settlement of their disputes; utilizing interest-based resolutions to meet their goals, concerns and interests.

What is Collaborative Law? Collaborative Law is a process that is intended to maximize control and minimize uncertainty; it is a process by which YOU control your destiny, with the help of an attorney (and other professionals, as needed) trained in collaborative law, by engaging in pre-litigation negotiation to settle your dispute-related issues.

The object of the process is to negotiate a fair Settlement Agreement, which will be the basis of your dispute settlement.

If you want my help, please call me to schedule an appointment — I can be reached by telephone at (908)232-6500; or by Email. My Law Office is located at 116 South Euclid Avenue (Rear Entrance; 2nd Floor), Westfield, Union County, NJ 07090. [MAP]

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Conflict Management Services, Collaborative Law Services, Confidential Mediation Services and other Legal Services are provided by Paul G. Kostro, A Professional Corporation, a law firm in Westfield, N.J.

You are strongly encouraged to discuss your particular set of facts and issues with your attorney — however, if you wish to retain Paul G. Kostro, Esq. as your attorney or mediator, you are welcome to call (908)232-6500 or send an EM@IL to schedule an appointment.

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My Law Office is located at: 116 South Euclid Avenue, Westfield (Union County), New Jersey. [MAP]

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